While building old muscle cars for the last several years, Danny never took an interest in mechanics, making a deal with his older Brother David to do all of the yard work if David would help with all of the car work.  A few years later I learned that Danny had a liking for the fastback cars.  In November of 2011 a friend of mine told me that he had a 1969 Ford Torino GT Fastback and I asked him to send me some pictures of it.  After receiving them I called Danny out and let him see the picture on the computer.  His eyes bugged out and said “that’s the nicest car I’ve ever seen”.  I said “good, because I just bought it for your birthday” which was a week later.  His jaw almost hit the floor.

            After getting the car here, I told him that I would drive it for a week or so to make sure that it was mechanically sound.  A week later, I told him that he could start driving it.  On the third day he drove it, he had it at Kobosko’s with two friends, Trevor Campbell and Mitch Stroes.  When he went to start it to leave, it backfired through the carburetor and caught fire.  Everybody bailed out with Trevor and Mitch running as fast as they could away from the car.  Danny shouted to them “where are you going?”  They yelled back, “run man, it’s gunna blow up”.  Danny called them back explaining that it was not going to blow up.  He told them to go get some water to put out the fire and they both came back carrying two paper cups of water.  Danny laughed and Mr. Kobosko came out with a fire extinguisher and put the fire out, saving the car.

            We then re-built the front end of the engine, rebuilt the carburetor and tried it again.  The engine ran, but still not smoothly, and we discovered the transmission was ruined.  We took the transmission out and took it to a transmission shop to have it rebuilt.  Once this was back in, we tried it again.  It drove but still not smoothly.  A friend of mine, Scott Sisk, advised me that it is probably a valve spring or another part of the valve train.  Danny asked what that meant and I told him that the engine had to come out and while it was out, we would rebuild the whole engine.  On February 19, 2012 Danny and I pulled the engine out of the car and disassembled it, getting it ready to rebuild.  During one of our breaks that day, Danny told me what he wanted to do to his car to make it his.  He said that he wanted it painted bright orange with black stripes, black interior with bucket seats and a floor shifter manual transmission, and chrome wheels.  I told him to start saving his money because what he wanted was going to be very expensive.  He said “I got it Dad”.   Three days later he died in an auto accident.  It was a very short time later that I had decided that his car just had to be built the way he wanted it.  I then discovered that his favorite colors were Guy Harvey Orange and Guy Harvey Blue so the stripes were changed from black to blue, which was the same color the car was when we bought it.

            What is presented here is Danny’s Dream.